Community Resources for Justice

Need: Assessment of Finance Functions
Service: AMS Rapid Diagnostic®
Industry: Nonprofit
“We have successfully used AMS in the past to fill key open positions on a temporary basis. This is the first time AMS has performed a Rapid Diagnostic analysis for us. The result was a comprehensive report with clear recommendations for improvement.”
– Richard J. McCrossan, Chief Financial Officer


Community Resources for Justice, a social justice services organization, wanted an external assessment completed to evaluate the staffing structure, internal controls, processes and financial reporting relative to the payroll and benefit functions. With just under 600 employees, active residential facilities in 5 states and public safety advocacy programs throughout the country, the CFO needed this assessment to determine if the current functional structures were adequate to maintain payroll and benefit operations within management’s anticipated staffing growth targets.


Community Resources for Justice engaged AMS, who provided an experienced consultant to perform an AMS Rapid Diagnostic®. The consultant’s finance, operations and human resources background enabled him to quickly grasp the payroll and benefit function processes and internal controls. The AMS consultant performed an internal control review, determined compliance with internal policies and procedures and recommended structural changes to improve overall payroll and benefit function processing. These changes ensured the use of current best practices and implemented various initiatives that led to improved processing.


The organization’s solid financial operations, specifically the paper-less electronic records filing system, proved instrumental in making the organization’s A-133 audits a success. The two AMS consultants continue to serve as the organization’s finance and accounting department, managing day-to-day financial operations on a part-time basis.