Bixby International

Need: Improved Visibility, Reporting and Overall Performance
Service: Part-Time CFO
Industry: Manufacturing
“AMS understood where we wanted to go as an organization, and brought us someone with the perfect skill sets and experience necessary to get us there. In just a few short months we are already seeing the benefits of the programs that our new, part-time CFO put in place.”
– Dan Rocconi, President and CEO of Bixby International


Bixby International, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of mono- and multi-layer plastic sheet applications, serves clients in industries from aerospace to mining, to medical devices. The company engaged AMS Rapid Diagnostic® to identify key areas for improvement in accounting practices and financial leadership. Results of the assessment indicated that based on its size and business objectives, the company did not need a full-time CFO but instead, the company would be better served by hiring a strong Controller with manufacturing experience.


AMS guided Bixby International through the entire change process, beginning with the engagement of a seasoned consultant to serve as a part-time CFO. During the subsequent months, AMS assisted in the execution of projects that resulted from the Rapid Diagnostic while a search was performed to identify a Controller. Once the new Controller was hired, AMS continued for a short period to ensure a smooth transition.


Today, the company has programs in place to address each of these areas and is enjoying greater visibility into its financial operations. With improved reporting and financial controls in place, the company is better positioned to make informed, long-term, strategic decisions.