Clean Energy Solutions, Inc

Need: Government Grant Accountant
Service: Government Grant and Contract Specialist
Industry: Clean Energy


Clean Energy Solutions, Inc (CESI) was the intended recipient of a Department of Energy (DoE) subcontract. During the initial submission of the cost proposal, CESI CEO David Dayton received various inquiries from the Department of Energy. He quickly realized that the company needed a seasoned professional to help navigate the auditor’s inquiries and secure the subcontract. Dayton turned to AMS for a government grant and contract specialist for help with the new venture.


AMS provided a seasoned finance and accounting professional with specific experience in grants and contracts. This professional quickly ascertained that the DoE auditor’s focus was on CESI’s indirect costs. (An accurate indirect cost estimate means CESI’s overhead expenses associated with the subcontract would be covered.) The cost proposal was resubmitted to the expectations of the DoE auditor. While on-site, AMS also implemented a government compliant accounting system for CESI in order to avoid future scrutiny.


The Department of Energy accepted the cost proposal and issued an approval of the proposed indirect billing rates. AMS is currently monitoring CESI’s accounting procedures on a monthly basis to ensure CESI is in compliance. David Dayton and CESI are now able to focus on the science of the award because the accounting is compliant.