Be the Change, Inc.

Need: A Full-Time Senior Accountant
Service: Retained Search
Industry: Nonprofit
“AMS was timely, responsive, and understood our culture. They brought in a perfect set of potential candidates and the senior accountant we hired is outstanding.”
– Kevin Jennings, CEO, Be the Change, Inc.


From the results of an AMS Rapid Diagnostic®, a nonprofit that creates national grassroots campaigns realized their need for a new financial structure. The organization’s current accounting staff was challenged to achieve proper segregation of duties and the Vice President of Development and Organizational Strategy was actively involved in the day-to-day finance operations. It became clear that adding a permanent senior accountant would help support the organization’s new financial structure.


Needing to fill the role quickly, Be the Change engaged AMS to perform a retained search for a new senior accountant. The AMS team immediately went to work creating and finalizing a job description, pre-screening resumes and arranging interviews with select candidates. The AMS team worked with Be the Change throughout every step of the process, ultimately negotiating a final package and extending an offer to a candidate less than 6 weeks after beginning the search.


The newly-hired senior accountant has greatly improved the financial operations of the organization. Working alongside other members of the finance team, the senior accountant not only has added financial knowledge, but is also an excellent fit with the culture of the organization and has meshed seamlessly with other employees, senior leadership, and the Board of Directors.