Persimmon Technologies

Need: Skilled Director of Accounting and Finance with manufacturing and audit experience
within the “Big 4”.
Service: Professional Search
Industry: Manufacturing/ Technology
“(AMS) did an exceptional job of understanding what our current business challenge was and the importance of seeking out a candidate that not only could act as Controller but also fit into our culture.”
– Karla Pippins, Persimmon Technologies Corporation


Persimmon Technologies Corporation needed someone to lead its accounting department. The company was leaving start-up mode and entering growth mode. Piecing together resources became cost prohibitive, with five people including board members, consultants, the part-time office manager and even the CEO trying to cover all duties and doing the job of one. The office manager went from doing simple invoicing tasks to being asked to handle complex accounting functions, and became overworked. The CEO was handling forecasts and financial models, while seeking input from board members. This inefficiency caused Persimmon to rethink its approach, realizing it needed to hire a skilled Director of Accounting and Finance. “The most important thing to us wasn’t so much the experience but the cultural fit,” said Karla Rossetti Pippins of Persimmon. “That was the driving factor for us.”


When the Persimmon team first met AMS’s search professionals, they gave the team specific background and experience they were seeking, namely a candidate with industry experience who had audit experience within one of the “Big 4” CPA firms. The AMS search team listened to the client’s needs and responded to the challenge with an exact fit. Pippins said AMS “just nailed it out of the gate.” After interviewing several candidates from other search firms who weren’t a good fit, from a cultural and skill set standpoint, Persimmon was eager to make a connection with the ideal candidate right away. AMS “understood our marching orders, the experience was a given, however the key was the cultural fit” said Pippins, and “AMS didn’t waste our time.” During the two weeks it took to find the ideal candidate, AMS kept the Persimmon team in the loop, providing constant communication with progress updates. As a result, the very first candidate AMS brought to the table was the one Persimmon hired.


AMS listened to requirements and understood the critical cultural elements of the firm, focusing on finding a team player with an energy level to match the company’s. The new Director of Accounting and Finance jumped right in, handled all accounting functions and took charge of the modeling and forecasting, freeing the CEO up to work on more important aspects of growing the business.