Bixby International

Need: Improved Visibility, Reporting and Overall Performance
Service: AMS Rapid Diagnostic®
Industry: Manufacturing
“We were confident that AMS had the expertise to take our business to the next level. The process was a quick and painless and opened our eyes to a number of changes that would help us achieve our vision.”
– Dan Rocconi, President and CEO of Bixby International


Bixby International, a Massachusetts based manufacturer of mono- and multi-layer plastic sheet applications, serves clients in industries from aerospace to mining, to medical devices. The company’s lagging financial department was struggling with aspects of financial reporting and nalysis, cost accounting and best practices approaches to deployment of financial and manufacturing systems. Leaders of the organization knew that without more strategic direction and reporting from this department, they would not be able to make the right long-term business decisions to sustain company growth and operational efficiency. They envisioned a financial department that could go beyond day-to-day accounting and provide insights based on key business metrics and best practices.


With a number solutions in the market to choose from, Bixby International turned to AMS’s signature consulting service, Rapid Diagnostic®, for a comprehensive review of the company’s practices including technology utilization, reporting, staffing, systems and processes. In a few short weeks, AMS provided a complete analysis with recommendations for changes that would significantly improve the health of the accounting and financial processes to support growth and improved profitability.


The Rapid Diagnostic® assessment revealed several areas for improvement that targeted: scrap generation, scrap usage, pricing, factory utilization and inventory control. AMS provided recommendations that, once implemented, would help the company optimize the use of its manufacturing resource planning (MRP) technology. AMS also identified gaps in the skill sets of its staff and recommended the addition of an experienced Controller who could bring the right kind of leadership for informed decision making. AMS’s recommendations were accompanied by supporting metrics and documentation so that key stakeholders would be in alignment with the proposed changes. As a result of the assessment, AMS provided the necessary guidance and change management to implement critical programs. The company is now enjoying the benefits of greater visibility of the key numbers, improved planning and technology optimization and is well positioned for the road ahead.