Page After Page

Need: Accounting and Financial Structure & Reporting
Service: AMS Rapid Diagnostic®
Industry: Service
“AMS brought peace of mind and helped to make many improvements so that information was accurate and timely to ensure the best decisions are made moving forward.”
– Shirley Heusel, President of Page After Page


Page After Page helps businesses optimize their infrastructure with managed print services and workflow solutions. As a small business, managing day-to-day accounting & finance needs became a daunting task. A trusted CPA firm made the recommendation that a hands-on experienced accounting professional could assist the organization by bringing clarity, structure and organization to the existing accounting department.


Initially, AMS performed a financial health assessment with the Rapid Diagnostic. The assessment provided observations and recommendations to improve the organization’s accounting and financial reporting. The recommendations were reviewed, tailored to specific outcomes needed and implemented by an AMS experienced interim consultant. Significant improvements were made to simplify financial reporting and policies and procedures were documented.


After implementing many of the observations and recommendations from the Rapid Diagnostic assessment, there has been significant improvements to the policies and procedures. The organization has more accurate, timely and reliable information and better control of cost of goods. The implementation of these changes has resulted in significant savings as well as the ability to transition time to more revenue producing activities.