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The Budget Primer: Building and Using Budgets Better

This recorded webinar, presented by AMS Consultant Paul Konigstein, uses real world nonprofit examples on how to build a budget and use that budget to advance the organization’s mission. Key take aways from the webinar: How to create a budget using…


To Move or Not to Move ERP to the Cloud?

There are several aspects to consider when choosing to implement a fully integrated inventory and accounting (ERP) system – one of them being whether or not to implement the software via the cloud or as an on-premises solution. The term “cloud” is…


The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act An Employer Strategic Decision

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as ObamaCare, was signed into law by Congress on March 23, 2010 as an ambitious reform to help provide health insurance to the estimated 45 million Americans who are…